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What Is a Baby Carrier?

A baby carrier is a supporting portable seat with a handle worn by a person for carrying an infant close to the torso.

Types Of Baby Carriers

Baby carriers are available in the market with so many styles and types according to one’s affordability. They come in wide range of colors and sizes. There are broadly five types of baby carriers. Let’s describe briefly each of them below.


  • Buckle Carriers: It is also known as soft structured carrier (SSC) and the most common among all types. It offers comfort, convenience, safety and affordability. That is why; it is the most popular baby carrier to many caregivers.
  • Ring Slings: It is also one of the best baby carriers with one shoulder technique. Nylon or metal rings are attached to an almost 2 meter long cloth (mostly cotton or silk). It is adjustable through its rings and two rails of the sling. It can be worn to carry the toddler in different positions.
  • Pouch Slings: Pouch sling is another form of sling carrier. To get a good fit with pouch sling is bit difficult. You can carry the baby in the pouch at front or hip. It is also one shoulder baby carrier which does not distribute child’s weight evenly so the right method to wear it must be learnt for baby’s safety.
  • Mei Tai: Mei Tai is a Chinese style baby carrier. It is made up of ties rather than buckles. It can easily be worn at front, back or hip. They are best for older babies but can also be used to carry newborns.
  • Wraps: Wraps are the most simplest of all baby carriers. They come in all sizes and fabrics such as wool, cotton, silk, linen, knit jersey etc. It consists of a long piece of fabric which is wrapped around your body for carrying the baby.

Benefits Of Baby Carriers

Baby carriers have eased parents’ life when they are up-to travelling or visiting friends and family or even at home while doing household chores. Your arms would not get tired because of constantly holding your child. It is one of the comfortable and safe ways to carry your child with you without pushing a stroller so hard. Babies cry less when they are carried safely in best baby carriers because of the warmth and comfort they feel. It is medically proven that baby-wearing is physically and mentally good for babies’ growth and development.

How To Choose The Best Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are best to use when your baby is able to hold his head high. However, newborn babies can also be put in the carrier. Some considerations should be kept in mind while buying a baby carrier.

1: Fabric: The first thing to look for when choosing best baby carrier is the fabric and its quality. Babies often chew the fabric so it should be made up of non-toxic dyes. The best baby carrier is the one which allows air to pass. Non-breathable fabrics cause rash and itching during summer season.

2: Headrest: The back of the baby carrier should be above the baby’s head through all sides. This would prevent the baby’s head to fall backwards or sideways if he/she is a newborn.

3: Shoulder Support: Though sling baby carriers are also good but if you suffer from shoulder pain then the best baby carrier is the one which is supported by both shoulders.

4: Adjustability: Choose the carrier that can be adjusted easily according to your requirements. Adjustable carriers can be used by toddlers of different age, height and weight.


A baby carrier is good for the little child and parents both. Parents should research about the type, size and fabric before buying the best baby carrier for their child ultimate safety and comfort.

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